Maguiar’s Hair and Fibre Removal Brush

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Maguiar’s Hair and Fibre Removal Brush


  • CARPET and UPHOLSTERY BRUSH: Quickly and efficiently removes hair and fibres from carpet and upholstery
  • PET HAIR BRUSH: Perfect for removal of pet hair and lint
  • LONG BRISTLES: Ideal for carpets and deep pile
  • SHORT BRISTLES: Ideal for work on fabrics
  • RUBBER BRISTLES: So both safe and effective
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Maguiar’s Hair and Fibre Removal Brush

The Meguiar’s Hair and Fibre Extractor Brush is simply the best tool to remove pet hair and lint from your car’s upholstery and carpets. As you move the bristles along a surface, they produce a small, static electric charge that draws hair and lint into the brush. The long bristles are ideal for carpets and deep pile, while the short bristles are ideal for use on upholstery.


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