Meguiar’s Grit Guard® Insert & Bucket

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Meguiar’s Grit Guard® Insert & Bucket


  • Significantly reduces potential scratches and swirls.
  • Radial agitation grid removes dirt & debris from your wash mitt.
  • Fits 3 ½ & 5 gallon Meguiar’s buckets.
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Meguiar’s Grit Guard® Insert & Bucket

This heavy duty Meguiars Gold Grit Guard® Insert & Bucket is the perfect accessory for all your car cleaning needs. We recommend that you add your favourite car shampoo to enhance the appearance and protection of your car’s paint finish. For a flawless car cleaning experience, finish off with the Meguiars Professional Grit Guard.

The Grit Guard Prevents swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today’s delicate clear coat finishes. Grit Guard® helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during the wash process when small particles of dirt and debris are rubbed across the surface of the paint. Each time you dunk your wash mitt into the bucket to get more suds, rub it against the Grit Guard®. This will help remove the dirt and leave it at the bottom of the bucket. Supplied with a 18.9 ltr bucket, in which the Grit Guard® snugly fits.

This can be purchased separately if desired Meguiars Professional Grit Guard.


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