Case Studies

Volkswagen T6.1 Mileage Blocker Installation

Volkswagen T6.1 Mileage Blocker


  • The Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter is renowned for its robustness and adaptability.
  • A mileage blocker is intended to freeze the recording of distance traveled by the vehicle.


    • The vehicle was parked in a secure garage with adequate lighting.
    • Tools required for removal are a T20 Torx drive/screwdriver and set of trim removal tools.

Safety Measures

    • The vehicle’s battery was disconnected to ensure safety and prevent any electrical error codes (this ins’t required but it is always advised).

Removing the Instrument Cluster

    • The dashboard trim surrounding the instrument cluster was carefully removed using trim removal tools.
    • 2 x T20 Torx screws securing the instrument cluster were unscrewed, and the cluster was gently pulled out.
    • Electrical connectors attached to the cluster were disconnected.