Meguiar’s Triple Duty Detail Brush

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Meguiar’s Triple Duty Detail Brush


  • DETAILING BRUSH: For cleaning small spots and tight gaps
  • 3 IN 1 BRUSH: Three different sizes of small brush heads for all those hard to reach spots
  • VARIABLE LENGTH BRISTLES: To ensure you can clean even the tightest of spots
  • SMALL BRUSH: Just 18 cm in length with three different brush heads
  • FINE DETAILING: The three heads enable the finishing touches for interior detailing tasks
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Meguiar’s Triple Duty Detail Brush

The Meguiar’s Triple Duty Detail Brush comes with three non-scratch bristle sets for fine car detailing and accessing hard to reach areas. The shorter bristles are designed for use on trim and mouldings, while the longer bristles are perfect for reaching tight or unreachable spots.

The brush is lightweight but powerful, easy to grip while cleaning, fits neatly into a pocket, making it excellent for moving around while cleaning. After each use, the brush can be properly cleaned to remove any residue and grime, without causing any damage, leaving it clean and ready to use again.

Features & Benefits:

  • Three different sizes of brush head for those hard-to-reach spots
  • Length: 18cm
  • Excellent for removing ingrained polish and wax residue from exterior mouldings and trim
  • Ideal for cleaning areas of your engine bay
  • Cleans gently and thoroughly without scratching the surfaces


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