Tesla Model S Mileage Blocker 2022 – 2024

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Tesla Model S Mileage Blocker 2022 – 2024


  • For 2022 – 2024 Models
  • 100% Untraceable
  • Plug-And-Play Module
  • With Working Speedometer
  • Nationwide Fitting Available (UK ONLY)

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Enhance Your Tesla Model S Driving Experience with the Latest Mileage Blocker from Autotech UK

Discover the advanced Tesla Model S Mileage Blocker, exclusively offered by Autotech UK. This cutting-edge device, designed for the latest Tesla Model S models (2022 – 2024), ensures accurate mileage recording during specific conditions like off-road use, vehicle tuning, or dyno testing.

Why Choose the Autotech UK Mileage Blocker for Your Tesla Model S?

  1. Effortless Installation: Our Mileage Blocker boasts a plug-and-play setup, eliminating the need for cable cutting or soldering. It’s designed for simplicity and ease of use.
  2. Seamless Integration: Fitted with the original Tesla plug connection, ensuring a perfect fit and function.
  3. User-Friendly Operation: Activate or deactivate with a simple button press, even while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. Error-Free Performance: Enjoy a smooth experience without any error messages upon activation.
  5. Reliable Functionality: The blocker leaves no trace of mileage jump after removal and remembers your last setting.
  6. Full Speedometer Functionality: Maintain full awareness of your speed, as the speedometer operates normally.
  7. Quality Assurance: Every unit is thoroughly programmed and tested for hassle-free operation.

Global Availability and Support

Our top-quality Mileage Blockers, suitable for a wide range of vehicles from Europe, America, and Asia, are shipped domestically and worldwide. Expect swift delivery, often within three days, and an option for next working day delivery.

Understanding Mileage Blockers

A mileage blocker is a sophisticated microcomputer that connects to your car’s instrument panel. It precisely blocks the signal to the speedometer, preventing mileage increase under specific conditions. This technology is designed to be undetectable, ensuring seamless integration into your vehicle’s system.

Comprehensive Support for Installation

Each Mileage Blocker comes with a detailed instruction pack. For additional support, we offer a free live video call service via WhatsApp or Skype to guide you through the installation process.

Compatibility Check and Additional Options

Not sure about your Tesla model? Confirm your vehicle model at Tesla’s official website. Also, explore our range of Mileage Blockers for other Tesla models [here](Link to Tesla model range).

Legal and Ethical Use

While Mileage Blockers are legal to purchase and install, they should not be used for fraudulent purposes. Our products are designed for specific legal use cases like vehicle testing and tuning.


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