McLaren 540C Mileage Blocker Canbus 2015 – 2020

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McLaren 540C Mileage Blocker Canbus 2015 – 2020

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  • For 2015 – 2020 Models
  • 100% Untraceable
  • Plug-And-Play Module
  • The speed display is only shown via the navigation system and not on the speedometer
  • Nationwide Fitting Available (UK ONLY)
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McLaren 540C Mileage Blocker

McLaren 540C mileage blocker brought to you by Autotech UK.

Mileage blockers have the latest software available that stops the recording of mileage (or kilometres) on your vehicle while in motion, Find out more about mileage blockers here ……

It is only for off-road use, while tuning, or during dyno testing.

Which vehicle is our mileage blocker compatible with?

McLaren 540C from 2015 – 2020 Models

Six key features of our McLaren 540C Mileage Blocker:

Easy to install; simply plug and play – no cutting cables or soldering
Fitted with the original plug connection.
Activated or deactivated at the push of a button (even when moving).
No error messages when activated.
No mileage jump, after removal.
Always saves the last setting.

The speed display is only shown via the navigation system and not on the speedometer

Autotech Mileage Blocker for McLaren 540C

We provide the highest quality mileage blockers for the majority of vehicles from across Europe, America, and Asia.
Mileage Blockers are plug-and-play modules and are supplied with fitting instructions.

Domestic and worldwide shipping is available, usually within three days. We also offer next working day delivery service.

What are mileage blockers?

A mileage blocker is a small microcomputer that plugs into the back of your car’s
instrument panel (speedometer or clocks).
It does this by blocking the signal to the speedometer and preventing it
from increasing the current mileage, Find out more here….

The blocker blocks the signal to all recording Ecu’s modules to help make the blockers be invisible to man or machine.

Mileage blocker are programmed and tested before leaving our workshop to ensures a
hassle-free process from start to finish.

Each blocker comes with comprehensive step-by-step instruction pack.

we also offer a free live video call service for extra help via WhatsApp or Skype.

If you are unsure of your vehicle, find out what model you have @ if you are unsure of your vehicle

Click Here to find a list of our other Mclaren models.

Mileage blockers are not to be used for fraudulent purpose but are 100% legal to buy and have installed in your vehicle see more here…..

2 reviews for McLaren 540C Mileage Blocker Canbus 2015 – 2020

  1. Lee Bowyer

    Top product and service 👍🏻

  2. Harry K

    Excellent service well described item definitely be using the guys Autotech again

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