Eco Fuel Saver Petrol Tuning Box OBD2

Eco Fuel Saver Petrol Tuning Box OBD2

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  • Eco Fuel Saver saves upto 15% fuel for Petrol cars.
  • Plug and play drive eco-OBD2 economic chip.
  • Eco Fuel Saver device reduces fuel consumption and low emissions to the economy.
  • Eco OBD2 fits all cars from 1996 to current year.
  • It works based on the OBD2 protocol for remapping the on-board computer ECUs. After driving the total 100 miles of road, EcoOBD2 adjusts itself to the vehicle and your driving style and always maintains the remapping ECU to save fuel and reduce discharge.

Eco Fuel Saver Petrol

Eco Fuel Saver Petrol is a chip mixing box that can be inserted into the OBDⅡ connector of the car to reduce the fuel consumption of the car. After inserting the OBD2 connector, the information from the ECU can be received. Then, based on the data received, the boost pressure, fuel quantity, injection timing and pressure are adjusted to reduce fuel consumption, etc.

How Does The OBD2 Chip Tuning Box Work?

Eco Fuel Save OBD2 is a chip tuning box that plugs into your car’s OBD2 connector to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.When connected to the OBD2 connector, the Eco OBD2 receives information from the car’s ECU computer.Based on the data received from the ECU, EcoOBD2 adjusts boost pressure, fuel quantity, injection timing and pressure to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

How Much Fuel Will it Save?

With up to 15% fuel savings, it can help you save fuel everytime you fill up. As you drive more kilometers/miles, it will update the map and adjust to perfectly match your car and driving style, saving more fuel.

Can Eco Fuel Saver Damage My Car?

This item will not damage the engine and car ECU or have any other negative effect on the car setup.It doesn’t permanently change any settings. If you want to go back to the car’s settings, just unplug the item from the OBDII connector.

How Do You Install The Eco Fuel Saver?

Easy to install, plug and play, plugs directly into your OBD2 port.

Suitable for all petrol cars, We also offer The Eco Fuel Saver for Diesel models.


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