Tesla planning new Shanghai plant as soon as next month to double its China capacity

It appears that Tesla has already decided on the location of its next big factory. Based on recent reports, it appears that Tesla may be looking to build another vehicle production facility in Shanghai, China — and it could be starting sooner than you think

Tesla is currently looking to work on its new Shanghai plant as early as next month. This should allow the company to more than double its production capacity in China to over 2 million units per year. It should also help Tesla meet the increasing demand for its vehicles in foreign territories. The cost of the project is yet to be announced. 

Once the new facility is fully ramped, Tesla would have the capacity to manufacture 2 million cars per year from its China operations.

The new vehicle production facility would be located in the vicinity of Gigafactory Shanghai. It would then be interesting to see if the new facility would be considered as a completely new Gigafactory or if it would be considered as an expansion of Giga Shanghai. 

Tesla has been pretty secretive about its plans to build its next big electric vehicle factory, with CEO Elon Musk stating during the Q4 and FY 2021 earnings call that the company is looking at new locations this year. Musk noted that Tesla would be looking at new locations to see “what makes the most sense” and that an announcement would likely be made by the end of the year. Considering how useful Giga Shanghai has been, however, it would not be surprising if Tesla has decided to build another factory in China. 

Giga Shanghai has been Tesla’s ace in the hole for the past year. Since its lightning-quick construction, the facility has built the high-quality Model 3 and Model Y that have since been exported to other countries.

Last year alone, Tesla’s China-based factory accounted for about half of the 936,000 vehicles that the company delivered globally, as per data from the China Passenger Car Association. Tesla also noted earlier this month that its China revenue more than doubled in 2021 to $13.8 billion. 

Amidst the delays in projects such as Giga Berlin, the quick progress of facilities like Giga Shanghai and Giga Texas are all but highlighted. During Tesla’s 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting, for example, Musk confirmed that Gigafactory Shanghai already exceeds the Fremont Factory in production. Musk also noted that he appreciated the fact that Tesla China’s team has shown great results with very little drama. “Actually, I’d just like to give a special hand to the Tesla China team. So it’s the best quality, lowest cost, and also low drama. So it’s great,” Musk said. 

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Tesla planning new Shanghai plant