With 90 percent of EVs (Electric Vehicles) drivers never returning to fossil fuels, petrol and diesel drivers are pushing back.

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Petrol and diesel drivers have reacted angrily at the suggestions that electric vehicles (EVs) are the way forward for everyone, pointing out a substantial amount of issues with the Government’s plan to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

reports on a new poll in which 90 percent of EV owners would not ever go back to petrol and diesel, commenters replied in their hundreds to point out issues with battery powered cars.

Things like the time it takes the car to charge-up on the motorway, to the rising costs of electricity prices.

Chart showing the ever increasing electric prices

Some of the commenters wondered what might happen if the country was ever to be hit with a power cut.

While others pointed out that more than half of the current electricity production in the UK is powered by gas.

One reader replied “I have no interest in buying an EV and never will, good luck with your electricity bill especially with a 4 car family.”

That was echoed with: “I won’t be buying an electric car as they don’t do 700 miles, as I do driving from the UK to the South of France.

“It takes far longer to charge, than the 5 minutes it takes to fill the car with petrol or diesel.”

Electric EVs VS Fossil Fuels Cars at petrols pumps and EV charging points

It was also pointed out: “I bought my diesel car costing just under £10k. My Partner bought an EV costing in excess of £25k. With the difference of £15k It’s like running my car for nothing for the next 10 years based of driving an average of 10,000 miles per annum.”

Elsewhere, multiple readers outlined potential issues with the resale of EVs further down the line.

One comment “What nobody seems to mentions is the second hand car market. Most people buy a second hand cars from 2 to 7 years old.

“What will happen to the second hand value of a 7 year old EV, when the buyer realises that they will have to spend over £10,000 to replace the batteries in up to 3 years?

“The second hand prices will no doubt take a nosedive.”

Others talked about the common issues EVs face in winter months.

such as “…wait until the cold weather hits and the mileage on electric cars goes down when they have to put there heaters on.”

similar comments conferred “I agree, I have often wondered what will happen when the queue of EV’s when they run out of power in a motorway blockage caused by bad weather or accidents.”

There was concern about the Government’s relentless push toward outlawing petrol and diesel cars.

One reader commented with a strong line, who disagreed with Downing Street’s leadership, claiming: “The best thing that could happen to this country is the end of this Green gig.”

“We cannot afford it and we are not struggling with these Green issues either. Time to end this lie.”

Meanwhile “The Government makes £27/28 billion from road tax (vehicle excise duty) from petrol/diesel car owners.

“The Government makes £0 from road tax from EV car owners.

The Big question is “How long do EV car owners think this is going to last?”

Could this effect vehicles such as Polestar 1, Polestar 2, BMW i3 or BMW i8’s future value, and we ask is now a good time to transition to an EV?