A mileage blocker is an electronic module that allows you to stop counting up miles/kilometers on your vehicle while in motion. This module is very useful if you would like to stop counting unnecessary mileage while testing your car’s performance.

Are mileage correction and mileage blockers the same?

The simple answer is NO, they are completely different.

To start with, the purpose of the module is the main difference. There are multiple speedometer calibration/odometer rollback tools that are meant for clocking back the mileage displayed on the speedometer.

They have multiple names such as:  mileage correction tool, mileage clocker, speedometer correction tool, speedometer rollback device, etc. However, they all deal solely with the displayed digits on the speedo and are easily detectable/traceable.

The mileage blocker modules work differently, communicating with Can-Bus System they don’t just block the mileage to the speedo but also to the other ECU modules in the vehicle, making it 100% untraceable.

Mileage blockers have multiple names like mileage stoppers, can-filter, odometer stopper, kilometer stopper, mileage freeze, or Speed Blocker.

The purpose of this module is to stop recording mileage from the memory of the vehicle entirely.

What makes mileage blockers different?

Autotech mileage blocker

Mileage blockers are made from the highest quality part on the market from companies in the USA and Europe.

Our modules are programmed in-house by our 100% qualified auto technicians.

We also use manufacturing plugs on our module to make them a perfect fit.

Each product is tested before shipping to guarantee you a hassle free experience.

(DIY) Do-it-yourself installation.

We know at Autotech that the sound of fitting your own Mileage blocker module might sound daunting, but we have made the fitting so easy by providing you with a simple plug-and-play module, along with simple step-by-step fitting instructions and also live video calling as an option when fitting.

It simply has to be plugged in between the speedometer and the original cable that was previously attached there. This will allow you to use all the functions without any interference.

Are mileage detectable?

Quite simply No, once installed the module is hidden behind your dashboard, so this makes it completely invisible to the eye.

When a diagnostic machine, whether it is the latest Dealer Diagnostic tool such as the Mercedes Star SDS Xentry or even down to the SnapOn, Launch or Bosch Diagnostics, we can guarantee that no machine is able to read any mileage data from the vehicle that is different from the miles on the dash.

As no wires need cutting or joining when the blocker is removed it leave no tell tail signs that it has ever been installed.

Lastly, when the mileage blocker is removed from the vehicle, we guarantee the mileage won’t jump up as all the mileage data has been filtered the same as the speedo.

Do mileage blockers have multiple modes?

Mileage Blockers operate in a different way. You will have the option to choose between different modes based on your personal preferences.

For instance, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may have options to count only 10%, 20%, of the mileage, but the majority have simply activated or de-activated modes. The last option is quite useful to test your car as it will not add unnecessary mileage.

Did you know buyers perceive mileage as the most influential factor while buying a second-hand car.

Why do mileage blockers have different modes?

Vehicles that face issues with tyre sizes will find the other modes quite useful. Even the slightest changes in the tyre size will affect the mileage significantly as the car calculates the distance traveled based on the original size of the tyre. To compensate for these differences, you can set the appropriate mode (10%, 20%, or other modes) that will help to avoid distorted data on the vehicle.

Can you turn mileage blockers on and off while in motion?

YES! you can change between modes while in motion or stationary,  you can set the specific mode that you require during that specific time.

Do i have to set my mileage blocker each time i start the car?

No, the module will stay activated/de-activated on whatever the last setting was on when it was last used.

After removing the module will the mileage increase?

If you buy the module from us, we 100% guarantee the mileage will not jump up once removed.

There are other companies that supply cheaper low-quality modules on the net, that won’t give this guarantee.

This doesn’t apply to the Mileage Blockers from Autotech UK. Even when you remove the module, mileage will stay the same as it was with the activated tool. This is crucial as all your effort would be pointless if the mileage was returning to its initial stage.

Will any faults show when the mileage blocker is activated?

Providing the fitting instructions are followed and the mileage blocker is fitted correctly, you will not see any faults or dash lights on your dash as it will not interfere with any of the control modules.

(note if any warning lights or faults show then the module may be plugged in wrong) modules are marked to and bottom.

What is Can bus?

The Controller Area Network – CAN bus as it’s usually known, is likened to a cars central nervous system.  It uses a message-based protocol designed to allow the ECU’s found in today’s vehicles, to communicate with each other in a reliable, priority-driven fashion. Messages or “Frames” are received by all devices in the network, which does not require a host computer. CAN bus is supported by a rich set of international standards under ISO 11898.

Read more on Can bus …….

Why you should buy from us?

We offer mileage blockers that are significantly better than the other types of products on the market. However, it is important to know that there are multiple providers of these modules and not all of them offer the same quality or performance.

If you would like to acquire the module with all the features that we have discussed above, it is vital to purchase the module from Autotech UK.

Caution: It is prohibited to use mileage blockers on public roads.

Don’t use the mileage blockers for deceitful purposes as it is illegal. The main purpose of the module is to test the performance of your vehicle in a controlled environment, such as Dyno testing or any other form of testing conditions will be appropriate for this module.