BIG NEWS Mercedes Owners!!!!!!

 As of Tuesday we will be able to offer Mileage Blockers for all Mercedes models from 2019 > The code has finally been cracked after over £250,000’s worth of investment and thousands of hours of work, it has finally been done. We are the only company in the UK to have Mercedes Flex Mileage Blockers on offer, so be sure to check out our site on Tuesday 19th April if you are looking for one. Check out the list of blockers we have for Mercedes Flex vehiclesWe will be covering most models including the Mercedes Sprinter (2019>), G-Class (2018>), GLS-Class (2019>), GLE-Class (2018>), GLC-Class (2019>), GLB-Class (2019>), GLA-Class (2020>) 

What is Mercedes FlexRay?

FlexRay is a communication bus designed to ensure high data rates, fault tolerance, operating on a time cycle, split into static and dynamic segments for event-triggered and time-triggered communications.

FlexRay is a successor of a CAN bus Higher data rates and bigger size of transmitted data make a basic difference between the two buses. FlexRay is used in safety-critical and adaptive cruise control systems of luxury cars.

Mercedes W205 Grey

What are mileage blockers?

mileage blocker is a small microcomputer that plugs into the back of your car’s
instrument panel (speedometer or clocks).
It does this by blocking the signal to the speedometer and preventing it
from increasing the current mileage, Find out more here….

The blocker blocks the signal to all recording Ecu’s modules to help make the blockers be invisible to man or machine.

Mileage blocker are programmed and tested before leaving our workshop to ensures a
hassle-free process from start to finish.

Each blocker comes with comprehensive step-by-step instruction pack.

we also offer a free live video call service for extra help via WhatsApp or Skype.

If you are unsure of your vehicle, find out what model you have @ Mercedes-Benz if you are unsure of your vehicle

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