What is a mileage stopper?

What is a mileage stopper? We use the term mileage blockers in the UK, but in different parts of the world, they are known by many different names such as Mileage stoppers, Odometer Blockers, Can-Filters, Can-Bus Blockers, and Mileage Freezers. All in all they are all a similar device, but may vary in quality and performance depending on which company you buy them from, at Autotech UK we pride ourselves on supplying only the highest quality blockers on the Net! 

Mileage stoppers/blockers are electronic modules that allow you to stop the counting up of miles/kilometers on your vehicle while in motion. This module is very useful if you would like to stop counting unnecessary mileage while testing your car’s performance.

A mileage blocker being fitted in a BMW

Mileage stoppers were created in early 2014 to replace mileage correction tools, as technology moved on it became harder to turn back the mileage on a lot of the more modern cars from 2010 onwards. The mileage stopper/blocker quite simply filters out miles being added to the speedometer of the vehicle, and since the car’s electronic system reads its mileage information from the speedometer, it will only relay the same information to all the remaining ECUs and BSi Units on the vehicle.

Will any faults show when the mileage stopper is activated?

Providing the fitting instructions are followed and the mileage blocker is fitted correctly, you will not see any faults or dash lights on your dash as it will not interfere with any of the control modules.

(note if any warning lights or faults show then the module may be plugged in wrong) modules are marked top and bottom.

Mercedes GLC Class Dash

we have companies around the UK that we supply mileage stoppers to like Starlight Effects in Birmingham, if you need a mileage stopper fitting in the Birmingham area we can put you in touch with them.what