Do Mileage Blockers Work?

Mileage blockers – do they work? You’ve probably seen them advertised online or in car magazines, and you might be wondering if they’re worth the investment. In this post, we take a look at what mileage blockers are, how they work, and we will let you decide whether or not they’re worth your money.

What are mileage blockers?

A mileage blocker is an electronic module that allows you to stop counting up miles/kilometers on your vehicle while in motion. This module is very useful if you would like to stop counting unnecessary mileage while testing your car’s performance. Find out more about mileage blockers….

How do mileage blockers work?

The mileage blockers modules work by blocking the communication from the vehicle’s ECU’s (Engine Control Units) by filtering the information in the Can-Bus System. The purpose of this module is to stop recording mileage from the memory of the vehicle entirely not just at the dash.

Are mileage blockers legal?

In the short answer Yes, mileage blockers are 100% legal to purchase, to own and to have fitted to your vehicle. learn more on the recent blog post regarding the legalities here………..

Conclusion paragraph:

The mileage blocker is a reliable and affordable tool that can help you resolve any mileage issues. It doesn’t require too much effort on your part, and it is easy to fit and use. This device adjusts the mileage of any car, when there is a change such as alloy wheels or other parts that may affect the calibration of your speedo. If you are looking for an effective way to correct your mileage, then the Mileage Blocker Device is the perfect option for you. 

Purchase yours today and enjoy all of its benefits!