Can car diagnostic tools detect mileage correction? This is a question we get asked daily, Mileage correction is well-known in the automotive industry. It is designed to help you turn back unnecessary miles from your vehicle, manufacturers have developed a variety of gadgets to do this but some of these devices aren’t flawless, unfortunately. Some diagnostic testers make it simple to discover their operation as in most vehicles the mileage data is stored in multiple locations including ECU’s, BSI and even keys. Fortunately, there are superior options available that are undetectable.

The impacts of a mileage blocker are imperceptible because it was designed to evaluate your car’s performance. It’s a straightforward tool that always performs perfectly.

When compared to mileage correction tools, the key benefit of mileage stopper modules is that they are untraceable. Nobody can track the distance that was stopped while using the module, not even with diagnostic testers, because the information is not recorded in any control

Do Car Diagnostic Machines Detect Mileage Detection?

Can Mileage Blockers Be Detected with diagnostic tools“Yes” is the quickest answer to this question. The real odometer reading of the car can be accessed in multiple locations by the car scanner tool. The distance between the beginning and ending locations of the route you take is simply used to calculate the mileage.

Although we haven’t looked at every single gadget on the market, there may be some that cannot spot mileage rollback. There are API tools that can identify such fraud with accuracy. On the other hand, you can’t detect something that a tool never recorded. No equipment is able to determine the altered distance because the mileage stopper tool completely alters this digital information.

Be advised that this tool is not intended for illegal activities. You must exercise caution while buying a car because many people use this technology to advertise and sell their vehicles with favourable mileage.

However, the mileage blocker is untraceable because it doesn’t alter any data on the odometer. The odometer resumes operation after the tool is removed. It doesn’t need to be set up again because the applied parameters are preserved.

100% Untraceable Mileage Blockers

 Autotech UK’s mileage blockers are completely untraceable. Simply put, we make them from the highest quality materials with genuine components as the best undetectable mileage blockers on the market.

All Autotech’s mileage blocker modules are plug-and-play. This means there is no need to cut and join or do any wiring, making these microcomputers completely untraceable. Plug-and-Play systems allow you to install seamlessly without any form of mechanical or electrical experience. To make this even easier, Autotech provides you with detailed step-by-step instructions and offers a free 1-2-1 video call service.

100% Untraceable Mileage Blocker
Key takeaway

When the dashboard’s checking engine light begins to flicker, a car diagnostic tool might be a helpful device. It might either provide you with an error code or a detailed explanation of the issue your car has.

However, because the calculations it does are based on assumptions rather than calculations, it is unable to detect mileage correction issues. The mileage blocker, which stops counting mileage while it tests its functionality, is the only untraceable odometer device that you can use with peace of mind!