What Happens When You Remove A Mileage Blocker?

What happens when you remove a mileage blocker? – After removing our mileage blocker, the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously, unlike some of the inferior blockers available on different websites on the net!

This can be a big problem if you use low-quality modules in your vehicle as when they’re installed, your car’s mileage will freeze but as these inferior blockers only block data to your speedometer and not the other modules/ECU’s within the vehicle, this means that your mileage will increase as soon as you take off. This is because the mileage is stored in multiple locations within your vehicles such as the Engine ECU, ABS ECU, BSI modules, Sat Nav/Multimedia Centers, Keys and even Headlights in some cases.

This doesn’t happen with the Mileage Stopper from Autotech UK, because our blockers filter out all mileage information from all ECU’s, Modules and Keys Etc.

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Speedometer And All The Assistance Systems Work

The mileage blocker module doesn’t affect the other assistance systems in your vehicle. Most of the tools affect the general display of the speedometer and create unfavorable situations.

The Mileage stopper modules usually don’t cause such difficulties as all the assistance systems work whether the device is activated or not. However, there are some exceptions as well. Certain models still cause problems with the speedometer and other assistance systems even with the premium quality modules. To make sure that you will not face such consequences check the description of the product that you intend to buy and make sure that it satisfies your needs.


If you buy our quality mileage blockers, you can rest assured that when you remove a mileage blocker your mileage on your speedo won’t increase/jump and more so due to the quality we guarantee that our blockers won’t corrupt you speedo.