What is a mileage blocker used for?

What is a mileage blocker used for? The Mileage Blocker is a revolutionary tool that first entered the scene in 2012, the mileage blocker allows you to prevent all the mileage data from being recorded in any ECU, BSI, Control Unit or Key of the vehicle. This device can also be referred to as a Mileage stopper, Odometer Stopper, Kilometer Stopper, Can Filter, Stop Km, Km Freezer, or Speed Blocker. Despite the numerous names they all serve the one sole purpose – to stop the recording of any mileage data from the memory of the vehicle.

The mileage blocker is a small microcomputer with super smart software installed. This allows it to have control over different systems and the numbers that are counted on the odometer. After installing the blocker in your vehicle, you will be able to completely stop counting of the distance distance travelled. Our mileage blockers cover most makes and modes manufacturers such as MercedesBMWAudiVWLamborghini and many more.

Thanks to new technology, the mileage blocker does not store any information about the distance that has excluded from the vehicle. Meaning that nobody can check your actual mileage or kilometers with and diagnostic tool including dealer specific tools. Therefore, all your data is well-protected and untraceable meaning no one is able to trace the mileage that was stopped while using the module.


Are Miles On A Car So Important?

We have informed you on what a mileage blocker is and what it does, but are miles really that important? The number of miles on a car can determine the price of a vehicle or even sway your decision to purchase it. According to a common belief, higher mileage indicates that the vehicle may need more maintenance and incur a higher costs for repairs. The lower the mileage on the speedometer usually attract more potential buyers. The reason behind it is that low mileage vehicles are considered to be well-kept and an automobile maintains a higher resale value. However, the meaning of higher and lower differ according to where you live and how you drive.

putting a lot of miles on a car does not automatically mean that it is less valuable, but could mean repairs on the suspension, steering, brakes, and other parts may need replacing sooner if they have not already been replaced.

So the question you may ask would be should you stay away from high Mileage cars? The short answer is – no. The most important factor is the overall condition of the vehicle, the maintenance that has been carried out on the vehicle and not the miles displayed on the speedometer.

Is Using A Mileage Blocker Legal?

The simple answer is YES. Mileage has a big importance for many people and car manufacturers always try to provide as much information as possible about it. Customers believe that the less distance a vehicle has, the better its performance will be. That is why they tend to buy an vehicle with a lower mileage. Several tools on the market tend to hide or change the correct digits on the speedometer but may leave traces within other modules in the vehicle.

most mileage correction devices tend to only reset the mileage, roll back or remove previously recorded data but this is illegal. The only ethical and legal option is to buy a Mileage Blocker. It only stops counting miles and does not remove any already written information. You should know what is a mileage blocker all about. Always take into consideration that this tool is designed to be used only for testing purposes, off-road purposes and in testing environment. Using it on a public highway is illegal may lead to prosecution in your country.

Before you decide to buy a mileage correction tool on market, always check the features of that device and the main purpose of it. In some cases it may be illegal. Nowadays the mileage blocker is the only ethical option for customers and it is recommended not to choose other tempting but unlawful option.