Simple To Fit Mileage Blockers

Can i fit a Mileage Blocker myself? Yes, You Can! The idea of fitting a mileage blocker yourself might seem daunting if you’re not a seasoned mechanic. However, we’re here to tell you that it’s not as complicated as it may sound. In fact, you don’t need any prior mechanical experience, and in most cases, you can have it installed in less than 30 minutes. At Autotech UK, we’re dedicated to making the process easy for you, providing comprehensive fitting resources, including videos, instructions, and even video call assistance if needed. But if you prefer a professional touch, we also offer a fitting service.

The Simplicity of Mileage Blocker Installation

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Can I install a mileage blocker myself?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Installing a mileage blocker is a straightforward process that doesn’t require advanced technical skills. Here’s why:

1. No Specialized Tools Required

You won’t need a garage full of specialized tools or equipment to fit a mileage blocker. Typically, basic hand tools that you might already have in your toolbox will suffice, in the majority of cases a T20 or T25 torx drive and plastic trim tool remover is sufficient. If you do require any fitting tools we have a wide range availlable.

2. Plug-and-Play Design

All our mileage blockers are designed with a plug-and-play approach. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicles and can be easily connected to the vehicle’s existing wiring without the need for complex modifications.

3. Comprehensive Resources

At Autotech UK, we understand that not everyone is a DIY expert. That’s why we provide our customers with comprehensive fitting resources to ensure a smooth installation process.

Autotech’s Fitting Resources: Your Support System

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Autotech for your mileage blocker installation:

1. Fitting Videos:

Our step-by-step fitting videos take the guesswork out of the installation process. You can watch these videos at your own pace, pausing and rewinding as needed to ensure you understand each step.

2. Written Instructions:

In addition to videos, we provide detailed written instructions that complement the visual guidance. These instructions are easy to follow, even for those who may be less comfortable with technology.

3. Video Call Assistance:

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the installation, we offer video call assistance. Our support team will guide you through the process and troubleshoot any challenges you may face.

Professional Fitting Service: The Choice Is Yours

While DIY installation is entirely feasible, we also offer a professional fitting service for those who prefer to have their mileage blocker installed by experts. Our team of skilled technicians will ensure that the device is fitted correctly and functions flawlessly.

Conclusion: Your Mileage Blocker, Your Way

So, to answer the question, “Can I fit a mileage blocker myself?”—absolutely! You don’t need to be a mechanical genius, and you won’t spend hours trying to decipher complex instructions. Autotech is here to support you every step of the way, providing fitting videos, written instructions, and video call assistance if needed. If you’d rather leave it to the pros, our fitting service is also at your disposal.

At Autotech, we believe that you should have control over your vehicle’s data. Whether you choose the DIY route or opt for our fitting service, we’re committed to helping you protect your vehicle’s mileage integrity while ensuring a hassle-free experience. So, get ready to install your mileage blocker with confidence—it’s simpler than you think!