How does a speedometer work? The ABS sensors and magnetic wheel bearings count the wheel rotations and then multiplies the digits by tyre circumference to calculate the distance travelled. Using this method, it is easy to measure the miles or kilometers that a vehicle has covered. The device can be mechanical but in more modern day vehicles you will find it to be electronic or possibly even a case of the two.

It may seem that you need an advanced device to do the same calculations, but it actually dates back to the 1600s. More precisely, in 1642 in the French city of Paris were Blaise Pascal created the Pascaline or Arithmetic Machine. It was the predecessors tool of what we use today. So, how do speedometers work according to Pascal? The way it was calculated was by using mechanical geared wheels instead of the modern digital tech to make these mathematical calculations. The gears usually consisted of a chain of 10-toothed wheels. The rotation of the first gear automatically pushes the next one to start moving and the process continues repeatedly.

Pascaline or Arithmetic Machine

Following on from France it is known that in 1628, Thomas Savery invented an odometer for ships and at a later date of 1775 Benjamin Franklin developed a simple odometer in order to analyze the best routes for delivering mail that he attached to his carriage to help measure the mileage of the routes.

What Is An Odometer?

In today cars use the modern gearbox system to show the accurate distance. thanks to new technology the system calculates everything instantly with computers and displays the correct digits on your dashboard.

In more modern times you tend to find that most people know refer to the odometer as a speedometer. If you ask anyone what is a speedometer? you will find they can answer you without a second hesitation. However, many still do not know how what odometers and how they work and how much importance it has.

What Was The Odometers Main Function?

In the US they used the small device which was placed inside the postal carriage. It was helpful to measure the distance of any postal route and this was it’s main purpose. In the 1847, Clayton and Pratt finished working the roadometer which was a 19th-century device much like an odometer was for measuring mileage. Later it was used in wagons to measure the distance travelled during a journey. Due to its effectiveness, it gradually became more and more common practice all over the country.

How Do Speedometers Work?

Speedometers count the distance traveled (miles or km) on your vehicle. To do so, it uses the tyre size and the amount of times the wheel rotates. A car with a digital speedometer uses a speed sensor, which usually consists of a magnet surrounded by a wire coil, quite like the pickup on an electric guitar. The sensor is mounted directly next to a gear on the transmission, and as the gear spins, its teeth whiz by, interrupting the magnetic field on the sensor. The process is similar to the way a vibrating string activates a guitar pickup. The rotation of the wheel produces an electrical current that is directly proportional to the rotation speed of the gear. A computer chip then processes the current and translates it into a number that corresponds to the speed at which you are traveling, in either miles or kilometers per hour.

Car Diagnostics Tool

How Can You Use A Mileage Blocker To Adjust the Speedometer?

At first, when vehicles are new they have brand new tyres fitted and the mileage is calibrated with these new tyres fitted, however, after a few thousand miles tyres start wear out due to friction on the road. This is very important as worn-out tyres have less circumference than that of a new tyre and the system will calculate the miles travelled based on the initial calibration and not take in to account the tyre wear, hence it giving a false reading.

What happens to a vehicle if extra mileage has been added?

Essentially the vehicle will be worth considerably less, as mileage plays a huge part in determining the value of vehicle, there are other factors such as condition and servicing that also effect the value. A mileage reading is an indication in to how many miles a vehicle has travelled and how long it has been driven. After a certain amount of mileage usually between 12,000 – 18,000 miles, you need to change the oil. It is crucial for the maintenance of any vehicle. So, if you don’t know exactly how much you have covered, you cannot say whether you need an oil change or not.

Why Use A Mileage Blocker?

There are a few companies on the market that have tried to create a device that would change the mileage without creating system malfunctions. Despite multiple attempts, all of the existing methods use the same approach: rolling back the mileage, speedometer calibration, removing/deleting or resetting the mileage. That is why our team of professionals based in the UK have developed the original Mileage Blocker. Our blocker stops/filters the additional mileage from the vehicle, it does not delete or roll back existing data (which is illegal).

  • Our Mileage blocker does not store mileage data in ECU’s, control units or Bsi modules. Hence why our module is 100% Untraceable.
  • We use only the highest quality, heat-resistant cables.
  • Simple to use plug-and-play modules – supplied with fitting videos and instructions of use, this enables you to easily install the device yourself. Hence, you won’t really need to pay somebody to fit it for you
  • In most cases the devices offer several modes you can choose from. 10%, 25% or 50%.
  • All our Mileage blockers come with a 28 Day money back guarantee and come with 12 month manufactures guarantee.
  • We ship from the UK and have no import duty cost, hence saving you money on import tax, when we ship to the US/Canada and Europe we can get this to you with no or minimal import costs.

Key Takeaway

how does the speedometer work? – it uses tyre circumference and wheel rotations. Then the speedometer adds them and measures the mileage travelled. This is the fastest way to measure distance and all vehicles use this method. However, people with fraudulent purposes use devices to manipulate speedometers and display wrong digits.

ortunately, there our Mileage blocker module does not remove or delete existing data. It simply filters out the mileage data while the car is in motion. Mileage blockers are available online and you can purchase them direct. Autotech UK has developed all our mileage blockers for testing and tuning purposes. If you need any additional information, please contact the support team.