What Is a Mileage Blocker?

A mileage blocker (also known as an odometer blocker) is a device that prevents the odometer on your car from accurately tracking your vehicle’s actual mileage. This device works by blocking the signal sent between the vehicle’s speedometer and its computer systems, which records how many miles have been driven. By blocking this signal, the odometer reads fewer miles than what were actually driven.

Should Taxi Drivers Use Mileage Blockers?

Mileage blockers are often supplied to taxi drivers all around the world. They are ideal for taxi drivers who want to keep some of the value in their taxi by recording less miles when using the vehicle on track days or off road purposes, our mileage blocker work with the majority of taxi’s including Hackney Cabs otherwise known as a black cab and all the general taxi’s such as the Ford Mondeo, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Ioniq Ford Galaxy and more.

As we are starting to see in some countries around the world, drivers (including taxi’s) are being charged per mile/km they travel under new carbon footprint rules, if the mileage travelled is reduced by half it means there would be less fees to pay!

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Are mileage Blockers Illegal?

No, the installation and use of mileage blockers is completely legal in most countries, such as the UK, the US, Most European countries and many others.

However, it is in most cases illegal to deceive potential buyers of your used vehicle. Therefore, you can install this module to test the performance of your vehicle in a controlled environment, but do not use it for fraudulent purposes.

Are mileage detectable?

Quite simply No, once installed the module is hidden behind your dashboard, so this makes it completely invisible to the eye.

When a diagnostic machine, whether it is the latest Dealer Diagnostic tool such as the Mercedes Star SDS Xentry or even down to the SnapOnLaunch or Bosch Diagnostics, we can guarantee that no machine is able to read any mileage data from the vehicle that is different from the miles on the dash.

As no wires need cutting or joining when the blocker is removed it leave no tell tail signs that it has ever been installed.

Lastly, when the mileage blocker is removed from the vehicle, we guarantee the mileage won’t jump up as all the mileage data has been filtered the same as the speedo.



Overall, Taxi drivers who cover a large amount of mileage per year would benefit from a mileage blocker in many ways, 1 being they could retain some of the vehicles value, if the charges that are happening in other countries come in to play in your country you could see yourself saving a small fortune as the mileage that has been travelled could be considerably less and will show less of a carbon foot print, in turn saving you potential carbon tax fees.