Have You Ever Wondered Why Mileage Blockers Are So Popular in The UK?

Mileage blockers have become ever more popular in the UK not just because they have the potential to save drivers from big fines, higher insurance quotes and even expenses but what else is it that’s making them such a hit with in the UK?  we’ll explore how mileage blockers work, the benefits they offer and why they are so popular right now in the UK.

What Are Mileage Blockers?

Mileage blockers are revolutionary devices that can be fitted to the majority of vehicle after 2010 in order to prevent the driver from exceeding a pre-set mileage limit.

There are a few different ways that mileage blockers work. Mileage blockers work by still allowing the vehicle to run and drive but prevent the vehicle from adding mileage data to any ECU, Module or Key of the vehicle. This means that even if the driver does not realise they have exceeded their limit, they will still be able to continue driving.

Mileage blockers can be bought relatively easily online, and can be fitted by most people with basic car maintenance knowledge. They are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as more people look for ways to save money on their motoring costs.

Any Blocker Plus DSG Blocker

Why Are More People Buying Mileage Blockers?

Mileage blockers prevent a car from travelling over a certain number of miles in a given period of time. They are popular in the UK for a number of reasons.

 They help to keep insurance premiums low, extend the life of a car, and can be used as a tool for managing fleet vehicles.

How Do Mileage Blockers work?

Mileage blockers are devices that can be used to help prevent your vehicle from accruing excess mileage. They work by blocking the signal from the speedometer, which means that the mileage on your car will not increase even when driven. 

There are a few different ways to use mileage blockers. The most common way is to simply place the device on the dashboard of your car. This will allow you to block the signal from the odometer without having to make any changes to your car. Another way to use these devices is to install them into your car’s electrical system. This can be done by a professional, or you can purchase a kit that will allow you to do it yourself. Either way, this method will require some knowledge of cars and electronics.

If you decide to use a mileage blocker, it is important to remember a few things. First, make sure that you read all of the instructions that come with the device before using it. Second, be sure to turn off the device when you are not using it. Otherwise, it could continue to block the signal from the odometer and give false readings. Finally, be aware that some states have laws against tampering with odometers, so check with your local DMV before using a mileage blocker in your state

Mileage Blocker Supplied And Fitted

This can be very useful if you are planning to sell your car, as it can help to keep the value of the car high.

Pros And Cons Of Mileage Blockers


1. Setting your lease car or PCP Deal to a lower mileage will in turn reduce the cost of your payment per month.

2. Lowering the mileage on your insurance policy will reduce the premium you pay.

3.  if your vehicle is a company vehicle you could reduce the amount of personal mileage used and reduce the tax you pay.


1. They can be fiddley to fit as in most cases you have to remove the instrument cluster.

2. In some countries/durastrictions tampering with your vehicles speedometer is a crime (please satisfy yourself with the laws of your country before fitting).


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