Mileage Blockers Shipping To USA

When we started Mileage Blockers back in 2015 we mainly focused on the UK and Europe, over the last 18 months we have noticed the huge increase in enquiry’s from the US. We are dedicating more time and resources to offer mileage blockers for more American vehicles. In the last few weeks, we released new Mileage Stopper modules for Dodge Vehicles and are soon to release the Dodge commercial section.

What Mileage Blockers Are Available for The US?

We Have Mileage Blockers For Chevrolet and Ford US models and will be looking to add mileage blockers for Buick, Cadillac, More Chevrolet models, Chrysler, GMC, Infiniti and Lincoln.

When Will Mileage Blockers Be Available To The USA?

As stated above we currently have a few mileage blockers currently available to the US and we have been shipping to the US since we started back in 2015, but within the next 4 weeks, we will have a huge range of mileage blockers available for the US market.

How Long Do Mileage Blockers Take To Ship To The US?

We usually ship to the US using either Royal Mail or UPS. Both usually take on average 10 – 14 days for delivery but please allow up to 21 days from the purchase date. UPS is usually the quicker out of the two but we have a 100% rate of delivery with Royal Mail where no parcels have gone missing.

When Will The Mileage Blockers Be Available?

Over the next few days, you will start seeing vehicles being added, but within the next 4 weeks, they will be fully visible. if you can’t find the vehicle you are after, please drop us a message in the chatbot and we will come back to you straight away. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.